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  What is West Coast Swing (video demo)

Class General Information

Jim Ewing & Donna Ewing

I will be starting a new West Coast Swing Beginning class through Truckee Meadows Community College (TMCC) starting June 13, 2010   

My methodology of teaching West Coast Swing (WCS) is a tried and true program that I've used for over 22 years.  I've been dancing WCS for over 27 years.  I've taught WCS Dancers from Level 1 Basic to Level 4 Advance Intermediate.  Many of my prior students have become WCS Teachers and successful competitors.

Each class session is 1 night per week for 1 hour, number of weeks per session is 6 weeks for most classes.  Sometimes for Intermediate & Advance-Intermediate classes we will run on a calendar month schedule.  Some months are 4 weeks and some are 5 weeks, so the sessions are adjusted accordingly
--- be sure to either check with us or our class schedules for correct information.  Drop-in's (students who come for one night only) are allowed on Instructor approval at the Drop-In rate of $12 per lesson.

Partners are not required.  I will rotate partners.  People that come as partners and want to stay with that partner may do so, however, I recommend that everyone rotate partners.  You'll learn faster and easier and won't be repeating your errors because your partner is making errors as well, or is covering up for you or vice versa.  Also if your partner is having a difficult time learning the movement, then you are not stuck with him/her and you'll be able to practice with someone who may not be having difficulty. The difficulty may be a "shared" problem that gets corrected when you go to a different partner.  I have oftentimes observed almost immediate improvement in both partners as soon as they start rotating partners.

We all work together as a team.

As you rotate you'll get to know the other students in the class.  Most probably, the class will eventually become a "clique" of folks that will dance together for a long, long time.  Your dance skills will be comparable for as long as you take classes together. 

As you venture out into the social world of West Coast Swing Dancers you will be joining a nationwide Dance Community the has no comparison.  You'll find WCS'ers (aka Westies) in most major cities, and at least once per month somewhere in the US you'll find a WCS Convention where you can dance, learn, and compete.

You WILL learn to swing dance.  I've had many students in the past that had difficulty in the beginning, but stuck it out and have been enjoying the dance ever since.  In the Novice (beginning) class we do a lot of practice & repetitions.  Some people's dance coordination needs to be learned, however, everyone can learn if they are willing to work at it and will practice.

There is one session (6 weeks, 1 night per week) of WCS Basics, we call this the Novice class for beginners, 7-8 sessions of 4-6 week Intermediate sessions, and 6 sessions of 4-6 week Advance-Intermediate.

Each night of the Novice class begins with about 30-45 minutes of practicing the moves of the previous nights of the session, then 1 or 2 moves are added to the choreography depending on time and the students learning the move(s) correctly.  At the end of each session you will have learned a complete choreographed set of moves that you can go out and dance with comfortably.  If you complete all sessions you will have learned over 150 WCS movements.  

Referral Policy:  If you are enrolled in any of our class sessions, and you send us a NEW student (for any class session), then you'll get a $5 credit toward your next class session - send 2 couples, you get a $20 credit.  Note that this applies only to Students who are currently enrolled in our full session class.  This does not apply if you haven't been enrolled in the past and you bring someone with you to class and you enroll at the same time; this also does not apply to Drop-In students - this policy applies ONLY to full session students..

If you know of anyone that wishes to learn this dance, feel free to pass this info along.  Dance lessons make good birthday, anniversary, and Christmas presents....  We can provide you with an attractive gift certificate